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Mohamad Alkhafaji

About Me

Hello. I am Mohamad Alkhafaji, a London and Sweden-based Computer Science graduate (with a first class honours) specializing in computer science, with a keen interest in full-stack development. My technical toolkit includes JavaScript, Python, C++, SQL, Java and frameworks like Node.js. three.js and MongoDB and more.

I thrive on the complex challenges of orchestrating all layers of technology, deriving satisfaction from seeing my projects contribute to practical solutions. With a commitment to continuous learning, I stay updated with the latest trends, seeking excellence and innovation.

My diverse project portfolio on this website demonstrates my adaptability and proficiency. I employ a methodical approach, ensuring robustness and efficiency in every piece of code.

Skilled in communication and teamwork, I am proficient at translating complex needs into impactful solutions. I look forward to the opportunity of contributing my skills to a larger team, driving technological advancement one project at a time.

My Skills


Proficiency in multiple programming languages: Python, C++, Java, SQL, and more


Experience in system and network configuration, with expertise in Linux and Windows environments

Individual Skills

Strong problem-solving abilities and innovative thinking, proven through various tech projects and hackathons

Team Skills

Excellent teamwork and communication skills, as demonstrated through collaborative academic and professional projects

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Life background

About Me

Born and raised in Sweden, I moved to the UK at the age of 10, where my fascination with technology and problem-solving began to blossom. My academic journey saw me complete my GCSEs, A-Levels, and eventually, a university degree in Computer Science, shaping me into the skilled and dedicated professional I am today.

A Life in Coding

At 22, I am now based in both London and Sweden, bringing with me a wealth of knowledge, experience, and an unquenchable thirst to make a difference through technology. I possess a unique blend of skills and attributes often sought after by employers - a deep technical expertise, a knack for problem-solving, and an unfailing commitment to my craft.

Problem-Solving through Application Development

For me, coding isn't just about developing applications, it's about finding solutions to real-life problems. Each project listed below is a testament to this philosophy. They showcase my ability to identify issues and develop practical, innovative applications that address these challenges head-on.

My Journey Continues

As I continue my professional journey, I am constantly seeking new opportunities and challenges to further hone my skills and contribute to the world of technology. Through my work, I aim to show that with the right mix of creativity, knowledge, and determination, technology can truly transform lives.

πŸ’» Tilter Golf - Tilt Control Golf Game!

About Tilter Golf

Tilter Golf is a mobile game that primarily features a single-player story mode. The game is uniquely designed to combine tap functions and tilt motion controls for the gameplay. In essence, you shoot the golf ball by tapping and then guide it to its destination by tilting your device, offering an interesting twist to conventional gaming controls.

Technical Foundation

Tilter Golf has been developed using C++. The choice of this programming language enabled us to build complex game mechanics, ensuring smooth gameplay and intuitive interactions. This technical foundation underscores our commitment to providing a stable and immersive gaming experience.

Gameplay Mechanics

The core of Tilter Golf lies in its innovative gameplay mechanics. The game is built around the concepts of tap and tilt controls, which introduces an element of physical engagement with the game. This approach not only offers an immersive experience but also challenges your coordination skills. Be prepared for a refreshing adventure on the golf course.

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πŸ’» Yosamio Klokke - A Medical Timer

Introducing Yosamio Klokke

Yosamio Klokke was developed as a precise medical timer in response to a specific request from a medical practitioner. Its distinguishing feature is the ability to provide voice announcements in five languages: English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. These announcements occur every passing minute, making it an effective aid for timing medical procedures.

Developed with Java

Java was the chosen language for the development of Yosamio Klokke, as it offers a robust foundation for creating applications with a wide range of capabilities. With its multilingual voice announcement feature, Yosamio Klokke goes beyond being just a tool – it serves as a valuable assistant, helping medical practitioners stay focused on their tasks.

Coming Soon on Google Play Store

Yosamio Klokke is in the pipeline for launch on the Google Play Store. As a specialized medical timer, it's designed to ensure that each minute counts during crucial medical procedures.

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πŸ’» Food Saver App - Reduce Food Waste!

About Food Saver App

Food Saver App is a result of a final year university project, focusing on a pertinent global problem: food waste. The app was designed with the objective of assisting users in minimizing wastage by reminding them of grocery expiration dates and helping avoid unnecessary duplicate purchases.

Functional Aspects

To use the Food Saver App, simply scan your groceries, enter their names and expiration dates, and the app takes over from there. All this information is stored in a locally-hosted SQLite database. The app then sends notifications to remind you of what groceries you have and their respective use-by dates.

Contributing to Sustainability

Food Saver App is more than just an appβ€”it's a step towards sustainability. By aiding in the reduction of food waste, it encourages more mindful consumption practices. Together, we can make a significant difference in the world, one grocery scan at a time.

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"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."
-Steve Jobs

πŸ’Ό Work History

Personal Server Developer

Worked as a personal server developer in small communities, where I constructed small servers using Java and scaled them to handle thousands of users as the communities expanded. These servers were primarily used for popular games such as Minecraft and Rust, providing seamless experiences for a growing user base with paid features.

Discord Bot Developer

Created an audio player bot for Discord called "R'R bot" using JavaScript. The bot is capable of fetching links through an API, subsequently playing the audio from the associated YouTube videos. This solution was developed to directly tackle issues encountered in the community allowing users to utalize the bot given a monthly fee.

Software Developer

Collaborated with a team of four other developers to construct a simplified movie booking system in response to prevalent complex systems. This application was developed using PHP, enabling administrators to manage the system effectively. Notably, the system includes advanced functionalities like suggesting and notifying users of films based on their previous bookings.

About This Website

This website serves as a testament to my skills and capabilities in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the three pillars of web development. It is meticulously crafted to showcase my proficiency and creativity in designing and developing modern, interactive websites.

Leveraging Modern Web Technologies

I have utilized CSS Grid, a powerful layout system available in CSS, to create complex responsive designs with ease. This ensures the website looks and performs optimally, irrespective of the device or screen size on which it's viewed.

Enhancing Interactivity with JavaScript and Three.js

With JavaScript, I've incorporated dynamic content to make the website more interactive and engaging. Furthermore, I have employed Three.js, a popular JavaScript library that simplifies WebGL (Web Graphics Library) programming, to create detailed and immersive 3D graphics. These graphics add depth and enrich the user experience.

Supercharging Scrolling with ScrollMagic

To add a touch of magic to the browsing experience, I've used ScrollMagic, a JavaScript library that provides a robust framework for scroll interactions. With it, I've designed unique scroll-based animations and effects, which make navigating the website an exciting and interactive journey.

Pushing the Boundaries of Web Design

With this website, I aim to push the boundaries of conventional web design, harnessing the power of modern web technologies to create a unique, immersive, and memorable browsing experience.

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